Gateway SLE is a safe and clean Sober Living Environment for individuals who are serious about their recovery. At Gateway SLE residents share the responsibility in taking care of the home, as well as learning to live without drugs or alcohol. Residents support each other while going through early recovery developing skills that will help them handle future stresses in life on their own.

As a recovering addict or alcoholic, you deserve to surround yourself with people who will be there for you and understand what your struggles are like at this moment in time. Each Gateway Sober Living Environment has a House Parent and an Assistant House Parent who keep the facility's standards high and help to serve as an example for others in early recovery to follow. They can relate to problems and situations that arise, because they have been there themselves.

At Gateway Sober Living Environment, we understand just how important it is to have a good sober living environment. We know the impact it has on one's life and want to help get you started in your recovery process with an appropriate sober home placement. If no openings are available at our locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we can recommend other suitable homes that will be able to help with your needs.

Contact Gateway Sober Living Environment today to find the guidance and support you need on your road of recovery.