Frequently asked questions

How do I get into Gateway Sober Living Environment?

If you're interested in becoming a resident, please contact one of our intake specialists at (415) 892-6852. If all of our representatives are busy you can reach the Director, John Wiles, on his mobile at (415) 602-6852 or visit the website and learn how you can become a resident at one of our beautiful Gateway SLE homes today.

Do I have to complete an in-patient treatment program to be accepted into Gateway SLE?

We do not require each resident to have completed intensive in-patient treatment. Generally, we recommend that residents reserve a space in one of our homes while they are still in-patient at a treatment facility. This allows individuals to transition directly from a highly structured in-patient environment of therapy to another structured environment, greatly improving their chances for long term success. However, if you are serious about your recovery and have a minimum of 72 hours clean and sober, you do not need to have completed an in-patient treatment program.

What do I need to bring when I move in?

You will be responsible for bringing your own bed sheets, blankets and pillows for the twin-sized bed we provide, as well as your own toiletries. We have a full-size washing machine and dryer in each home, these are included in your fees and do not require coins to operate. We do however, ask that you supply your own laundry detergent and other laundry supplies. Additionally, you are responsible for providing your own food, cooking for, and cleaning up after yourself.

Can I work while living in a Gateway Sober Living Home?

Yes, we encourage you to get out and be as active in your every day life as possible. We require that each resident obtain a minimum of 20 hours per week of employment or volunteer work. You can also attend school classes or be enrolled in an intensive out-patient program - it's all about showing initiative and being successful in your every day life while maintaining your sobriety.

What happens if someone relapses while at Gateway Sober Living Environment?

We want to help our residents succeed in their recovery and at Gateway Sober Living Environment we do what we can to help in that process. Even though relapse is not part of recovery, if it happens, at Gateway Sober Living Environment, we will help you get into detox or, if needed, back into your primary treatment program. After 72 hours in detox or upon completion in your primary care program, you may be re-admitted into Gateway Sober Living Environment. If you decide that you do not want help, you will be discharged and asked to leave the residence. If you or any other resident brings drugs or alcohol onto the premises of a Gateway Sober Living Environment home, you (or the resident who did so) will be discharged and will not be allowed back into Gateway Sober Living Environment.

What medications can I take while staying at Gateway SLE?

There is a variety of medications that we do accept, but with new medications being introduced all of the time, to ensure accuracy we recommend that you contact the Gateway Sober Living Environment main office at 415-892-6852 to inquire about your specific medication and prescription questions.