about us

For over two decades Gateway SLE has been working with treatment centers, hospitals, detox centers and individuals to help innumerable people with drug and alcohol addictions succeed in their sobriety. Gateway SLE has continually maintained an excellent reputation with the treatment centers, detox centers, hospitals and doctors in the area. Since its inception, Gateway SLE has been fortunate to have John Wiles serving as the company's Director. John has worked with recovering addicts and alcoholics, placing them in sober living environments since 1991. John is very active in the AA community and is an invaluable resource for Gateway SLE.

In order for someone to succeed in maintaining sobriety they need to be given the necessary tools and have the desire to make the changes needed to succeed. While at Gateway SLE, residents will learn to use these tools while learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. They also learn how to support one another through individual growth as well as learning ways to handle the stress of everyday life.

At Gateway Sober Living Environment, each employee is willing to go the extra mile for our residents and are determined to see them succeed in their sobriety not only during their stay but also well after it ends. This commitment has created a safe environment where people can grow and thrive without feeling like there is any stigma around addiction.