san francisco SLE locations

Consider any of our fantastic locations in our Marin County Sober Living Environments as the next step in your recovery.  San Francisco is a world-renowned city well known for its wonderful sites and top-rated restaurants. San Francisco offers a wide variety of transportation options both within the city itself and throughout the Bay Area, which makes it easy to explore all that this great metropolis has to offer. With a variety of types of transportation options, including public transit within SF itself, as well as ferry services and BART trains, you can easily explore other parts of the Bay Area. You will find plenty to do in this culturally diverse landscape, whether it's on your own or by joining one of the many AA communities. Within San Francisco and the greater Bay Area there are many AA and NA meetings that people can choose from to find one most suited for their personal preferences. 

11th Ave

This co-ed Gateway SLE San Francisco home is conveniently located within walking distance to Golden Gate Park and Haight Ashbury. Residents will enjoy the home’s close proximity to the 280 freeway and the short walk to shopping and public transportation. With various 12-step meetings and outpatient services also located close to this home, it is a perfect location for residents with or without a car.


This co-ed Gateway SLE San Francisco home is conveniently located near shopping, public transportation and BART. It is close to various 12-step meetings and outpatient services. Being in San Francisco the entire Bay Area is easily accessible with many excellent restaurant and work opportunities readily available in the area.