Our goal is to provide you with the guidance and support you need to put your addiction behind you, to move forward on a new healthier path. The intent behind each of our SLE homes is to provide you a safe environment that promotes a foundation for your recovery from alcohol, drugs and other harmful habits. Also offering you the freedom you need to start to rebuild your life. We have guidelines in place to help you in the early stages of recovery to find a balance in your life. This includes casual house meetings, shared housekeeping responsibilities, reasonable curfews, and other requirements like attending 12-step meetings. Each of these things are important and will help you to learn balance as you navigate early sobriety.

We recognize that a person’s ability to fulfill their obligations is essential to his or her recovery. We allow the flexibility to meet those responsibilities: work, family or extracurricular activities. Our policies are intended to encourage growth and personal responsibility, while still maintaining the balance and integrity of each resident’s individual recovery program.

With this non-intrusive, but structured living environment you will gain and build upon the tools needed to be successful in your sobriety.

At Gateway SLE our mission is to provide a peaceful sober community, where honesty, trust and respect are emphasized, in which residents are proactive and supported in their recovery while learning to address their needs and problems in a mature manner. We believe in the 12-step approach and encourage our residents to utilize the principles taught there.